Web Accessibility Statement

Aarhus University, is committed to making the website dbd.au.dk accessible, cf. Act on Accessibility of Websites and Mobile Applications of Public Authorities.

If the content of individual pages is not accessible in terms of the regulations, you have the opportunity to inform Aarhus University that the website does not comply with the requirements of the Accessibility of Websites Act. In addition, you have the opportunity to request information that the relevant public authority has exempted under Section § 1 Abs. 5 (content exemption) and Section § 3 Abs. 2 (disproportionate burden).

In this case, please contact the responsible office at:

Interdisciplinary Center for Digital Business Development,
Department of Business Development and Technology, Aarhus University
E-mail: btech@au.dk
Telefon: 87 16 47 00

Please do not provide confidential or sensitive personal information such as social security numbers and health information when contacting Aarhus University.

Compliance Status

As a public institution, Aarhus University must indicate the extent to which the dbd.au.dk website complies with the accessibility requirements of the harmonized EN 301 549 standard. The compliance status is indicated as follows:

Site dbd.au.dk partially complies with the standard (meets most requirements).

In addition, Aarhus University states that the site has undergone extensive self-auditing and self-assessment. Aarhus University describes the method of evaluation as follows: 

Aarhus University conducted an extensive accessibility study of dbd.au.dk in 2020. An expert evaluation and a technical test as well as a qualitative test were conducted. Aarhus University continuously scans the portal for accessibility using an automated test tool.

Divergent Content

Divergent content is divided into the following categories and deals with features or content that:

  1. Does not comply with the Web Accessibility Act
  •  Elements are not properly labeled

There are examples of elements such as tables and especially PDFs that are not properly labeled. These include missing headings and inaccessible documents.

  • Misleading and incomplete link text:

There are examples of link text that are judged to be deficient and do not warn the user of changes in context, particularly in relation to links to PDFs and external links..

  1. Disproportionate Burden
  • Newly created PDF files and tables, if any, will be created by law according to the guidelines. Older, as well as archived PDF files, if any, will not be included. In this case, Aarhus University notes a disproportionate burden that would entail the restoration, preparation, or recreation of this content, some of which has already been archived.
  • In addition, the dbd.au.dk site is an informational site, most of whose content was created before the WCAG rules came into effect. This includes PDF and video content. Aarhus University also invokes the disproportionality of burden, with respect to this content..

Initiatives To Achieve A Better Web Accessibility Implementation

Aarhus University describes its initiatives to achieve a higher web accessibility method of evaluation as follows: 

The specific errors and omissions described in the Web Accessibility Statement are being reviewed and corrected. Specifically, the focus on making tables and PDFs available in 2020 was assessed. Newly created PDFs and tables, if available, will be created according to the guidelines. To ensure web accessibility on dbd.au.dk, instructions and materials for editors on how to use the CMS are updated regularly. Aarhus University conducts automated web accessibility testing and qualitative testing on an ongoing basis.

Enforcement of the Web Accessibility Act

Aarhus University continuously monitors compliance with the Web Accessibility Act.

In the event of technical problems, including website reading problems caused by the software used, or problems of a technical or software nature, the manufacturer or publisher of the software should be contacted before contacting Aarhus University.

If a problem arises with regard to WCAG, it is requested that you contact Aarhus University to resolve the accessibility issue. You do this via the contact information at the beginning of this accessibility statement.