Side guide

Side guide

Platformen Digital Business Development er dedikeret til at dele viden, værktøjer og træning, der stammer fra forskningssamarbejder.

Welcome to the Digital Business Development platform! 

This site guide explains how to navigate the site in order to get the most out of its vast resources.

How can you use the site?   

The platform for digital business development is dedicated to sharing the outcome of Aarhus Universities projects and disseminating our knowledge,tools and training to inspire and support the industry in business development empowered by digital transformation.  

The main resources of the e-learning platform are: 

  • Practice-oriented toolbox that offers information, guidance and tools that enable you to work strategically with new business models thatleverage various digital technologies. The toolbox consists of learning modules and concrete tools that help innovators to understand how digital opportunities can help solve business challenges. You may find support to go through a digital transformation process and will find the resources necessary to systematically work with the identification, development, implementation and evaluation of digital business models. 

  • Inspirational case studies on how various companies from different industries have successfully performed digital transformation. Show-casing novel IoT solutions, along with the products, services and business models which underpin those solutions, the case studies highlight the best practices of digital business development around the world. You may learn from recommendations offered by the digital frontrunners, and you can browse through the cases based on sector, technology domain or geographical origin. 

Self-service solution 

The platform is a self-service solution that enables you to learn about digital business development anywhere and anytime and all the learning content isprovided to you for free and with uninhibited access. With this, we strive for anyone to be able to leverage the knowledge and resources of the e-learning platform at any time and from any device, to support innovators in reaching their full potential and accelerate digital business development.   

The digital business development platform is owned by the Department of Business Development and Technology at Aarhus University. The platform also serves as a catalogue of the results of several industry focused projects, created with different consortium partners and, amongst others funded by the European Commission under the Horizon 2020 Framework Programme and by The Danish Industry Foundation. For further information on the digital producet under Aarhus University BTECH please go to the departments projects page here. 


How do we use the site?   

Although the ambition of the platform is to support the industry, the knowledge and data derived from the project and research activities of Aarhus University, BTECH digital transformation Team are furthermore made available to knowledge institutions, lecturers, students and society through:  

  • Training workshops for public and private companies on digital business development. These workshops are dedicated to introduce the concepts and mechanisms of digital business development and support the audience in putting the theory into practice. The workshops are based on the toolbox and the case studies and often specifically designed for its audience.  
  • Teaching on bachelor and master level courses, where business development, business model innovation and technology-based business development are core topics. By leveraging our project and research collaborations in teaching, the students benefit from the latest knowledge and relevant case studies. 
  • Laboratory facilities that showcase, demonstrate and prototype digital business models in practice. We offer access to nine labs that bring technology and business development into a physical space, to facilitate learning about new digital business models and state-of-the-art technologies. Click here to learn more about the labs. 
  • Dissemination in terms of scientific publications, newspaper articles, conference talks, presentations, podcasts and film productions etc. that allow us to share key findings, learnings and best practices within digital business development. Click here to access our research publications